Securities, Valuation,
and General Damages

Global Economics Group experts in the Securities and Valuation practice have been engaged in some of the most prominent and complex class action securities matters in the last several decades, including Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, Parmalat, and Refco, among others. Our experts have been engaged by plaintiffs, defendants, and D&O insurers and have served as advisors to prominent mediators. Our work includes analyses in traditional Rule 10(b)-5, Section 11, and Section 14(a) matters, including class certification, loss causation, and damages issues. Global Econ’s experts have also served as testifying experts in tax matters, merger and acquisition disputes, and valuation of minority interests in closely-held businesses, among others.

Our Securities and Valuation team has experience in all the major issues of the past few decades including option backdating, market timing, valuation and ratings of complex securities (e.g. MBS/CDOs), predatory lending, IPOs, and ERISA matters.

We apply the latest academic research and techniques in opining on market efficiency, materiality, loss causation and damages for class action securities matters. We apply standard and well-known economic and financial techniques to valuations in tax litigation, shareholder disputes, and joint ventures.



• Class Action Securities Matters: Market Efficiency and Class Certification; Event Studies and Loss Causation; Damages

Valuation: Valuation of closely-held businesses; Valuation of minority interests; Valuation of complex financial products including options, swaps, asset backed securities, CDOs, and other financially engineered products; Evaluation of minority discounts (control premia); Evaluation of liquidity and marketability discounts

• Tax Disputes

• Merger and Acquisition Disputes

• Securities Trading: Insider Trading; Market Timing Abusive Trading; Market Manipulation; Margin and Collateral

• General Contract Damages and Lost Profits• Analysis of reduction-in-force policies

• Forensic Investigations

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